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Explore our diverse mining concessions across Indonesia, featuring rich tin and silica sand deposits in Belitung Island and abundant coal and gold resources in Papua. These prime locations within Indonesia's mineral-rich archipelago offer unparalleled opportunities for significant returns and sustainable development in the mining sector. Discover the potential and quality of our concessions, strategically positioned in some of the world's most resource-abundant regions.


Our tin concession in Belitung represents a significant opportunity in the mining sector, boasting extensive high-quality tin deposits. Strategically positioned within Indonesia's primary tin mining region, this concession enjoys excellent infrastructure and accessibility. In a collaboration with PT Timah Tbk, we ensure adherence to the highest industry standards in our operations, prioritizing efficiency, sustainability, and delivering substantial returns for investors, thus solidifying its status as a premier choice for tin extraction.

Silica Sand

The silica sand concession in Belitung is distinguished by its vast reserves of premium-grade silica sand, essential for various industrial applications. This concession is strategically positioned to leverage excellent logistical connections, facilitating seamless transportation and export. Committed to rigorous quality control and sustainable practices, this site offers a robust investment opportunity, ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of high-quality silica sand.


Situated in the resource-rich region of Papua, our coal concession offers access to extensive coal deposits, ideal for large-scale mining operations. This concession is located in an area known for its abundant natural resources, providing a strategic advantage for long-term development. With a focus on sustainable and responsible mining practices, the site is geared towards delivering substantial profitability while adhering to stringent environmental and regulatory standards.10:19

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